Pavel Barták

is a freelance photographer who concentrates preferably (but  not  exclusively) on architecture and art photography. He is involved and interested in work on various projects related to photography.

pour féliciter 2024 30.12. 2023


happy new year! 

(photo of © grid from project of Moravian square in Brno by Consequence forma architects)


Eduardo Souto de Moura / Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais, Portugal 11.1. 2023


Yes, may to photoshoot this museum was really beautitude. Huge compliments to master Souto de Moura. I highly recommend to visit Paula Rego Museum.. .)


pour féliciter 2023 31.12. 2022


happy new year!


REBETONG 6.7. 2022


another great experience of photoshoot for CHKAU, more info about the "rebetong project"


permanent exhibitions of photographs in rooms Ondro and Mišo of Pytloun Grand hotel Imperial Liberec 4.3. 2022


Reopening of hotel gallery in the special designed rooms Ondro and Mišo of the Pytloun Grand hotel Imperial in Liberec brought me a opportunity have another permanent exhibitions. Concept of the rooms designed by Chybík+Krištof architects and Urban designers is unusual hotel gallery (furniture in the middle of space and due to this position have free all walls for pictures).



pour féliciter 2022 31.12. 2021


happy new year!


homecoming or one flew over the Apls 5.12. 2021


firstime homecoming from Venice Bienalle by plane :)


solo exhibitions "roofs" | Osteocentrum s.r.o., Hybešova street no.18, Brno 2.6. 2021


I had to wait due to pandemic Covid-19, but from now - finally the exhibition is open for visitors, so you can visit my newest photographic cycle "roofs"... :) Enjoy it.

opening hours and address:

Hybešova 18 (3rd and 4th floor)

monday - thursday 7-18

friday 7-13

weekend closed

Photographies are for sale, for more information read the exhibition catalog, which is available at the reception on the 3rd floor of the Osteocentre.


pour féliciter 2021 30.12. 2020


happy new year!


Čtyřstěn architects / social housing / Bílovice nad Svitavou, Czech republic 31.7. 2020


photographic documentation of social housing


pour féliciter 2020 24.12. 2019


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


Čtyřstěn architects / shooting of the studio team 25.10. 2019


I am happy for the cooperation with Čtyřstěn architects. Photodocumentation of their café was finally finished and we make also team portraits :) 


ŠKODA RAPID 20.8. 2019


I usually don´t focus the cars, but when your brother in law needs take few pictures of his jewel, i can´t refuse inasmuch this is really beautiful piece..:)


OPEN HOUSE BRNO 2019 16.4. 2019


one piece from OPEN HOUSE BRNO 2019 where i was as the volunteer and photographer...

...more photoreports soon :)

vertical depository | Čtyřstěn architects studio | Brno 25.2. 2019


Happiness from installation of several photo pictures in Čtyřstěn architects's architectural studio.


photodocumentation for the architectural studio Čtyřstěn 7.2. 2019


Photodocumentation of café in Brno for architectural studio Čtyřstěn.


pour féliciter 2019 28.12. 2018


Happy new year!

photo picture | office 7.11. 2018


I am happy for another two photographies from the cycle La Cheminée de Moretti tailor made to interior of head office. Printed on plexiglass, size 120 x 60 cm and 60 x 60 xm.

photo picture for restaurant Akvárna 23.7. 2018


Photography from the cycle La Cheminée de Moretti tailor made to interior of restaurant Akvárna.


photo pictures | guest house Zámeček Lednice 21.5. 2018


I'm happy for permanent exhibition of my photographies in the rooms of guest house Zámeček in Lednice.




pour féliciter 2018 30.12. 2017


Happy new year!







water fountains | Plzeň 5.7. 2017



photographic documentation of Gallery of furniture | Chybik + Kristof AA 20.4. 2017


photoreport capturing winter atmosphere of the building!


pour féliciter 2017 23.12. 2016





GRAND HOTEL IMPERIAL | vernisage of the solo exhibition EX POST EXPOSITION 18.11. 2016


solo exhibitions „EX POST EXPOSITION“, Grand hotel Imperial, Liberec

vernisage: 3 p.m., 7. 12. 2016

Foreword | Lukáš Pytloun, Olga Vrbíková

music | Snabba Pillar


Marie + Milan | Olomouc + Breeder club Štěpánov 12.10. 2016


I am happy to going to capture actually first autumn wedding soon, and on that occasion i'd like to a bit belatedly publish photoreport of cool wedding from the start of the summer 2016. Goodluck and be happy, Marie and Milan, and i also wish to your little Natalie a lot of siblings...

complete wedding photoreport 


WHERE in Brno | july - august 20.7. 2016

photo for the magazine WHERE in Brno, concretely for interview of two artists - Vendula Chalánková and TIMO


photos for legal agency 14.7. 2016


FOOD DRINK BRNO 2016 14.6. 2016


Pleasant and especially tasty meeting in Koishi Restaurant with Simona Elsnerová and Janko Martinkovič, photo for special edition of the magazine WHERE to go for good food and drinks "FOOD DRINK BRNO 2016". Thanks for invitation to Ondřej Elbel to be a part of very interesting interview...


COME TO DADDY 6.4. 2016


Make a dream come true or a small increase in the office! :-)


PRIVILEG - reconstruction of monuments and historical buildings 28.12. 2015


advised photoreport for company PRIVILEG specializing in reconstruction of monuments and hictorical buildings


pour féliciter 2016 24.12. 2015




photographic documentation | restoration of monuments / PRIVILEG 17.12. 2015


Since december 2015 i cooperate with a company engaged in the restoration of monuments too...photoreport soon!


photographic documentation of T. G. Masaryk square in Tábor, Czech Republic / 2015 7.12. 2015


I visited czech town Tábor in the beginning of October 2015 to do photographic documentation of finished reconstruction of T. G. Masaryk square.  Designed by authors team: Petr Fabík, Štěpán Hirsch, Viktor Jindra, Martina Štollová, Ondřej Kučera, Andrea Prajsová, L'ubomíra Olasová. Good job!

photogenic square


photographic documentation for K4 Achitects and Engineers 7.12. 2015

 Since september 2015 i cooperate with K4 Achitects and Engineers as external photographer.


photographic documentation of Czech pavilion / EXPO 2015 / Milan, Italy 7.9. 2015


I visited with friends from studies the EXPO 2015 in Milan in the end of August and we also wended into the our, Czech pavilion! It should be noted that the Czech pavilion firmly in the global competition stand. Congrats and respect to the Chybik + Krištof Associates Architects, the KOMA company and last but not least, the artist participating in the exhibition. 



photographic documentation of model of Trail in the sky, model | Dolní Morava, Czech Republic / 2015 16.4. 2015


model of outlook, probably opened in the 2nd half of summer in Dolní Morava, Czech republic.


PHOTO DOCUMENTATION OF FAMILY HOUSE | Šlapanice, Czech Republic 8.4. 2015


capturing the state after completion




solo exhibitions in VIVOBENE GUSTO is extended until the end of april!


pour féliciter 2015 26.12. 2014




36 + 1 25.12. 2014

As the cine-film has 36 crofts + usually one extra, so you can browse the selection of 36 cities + the 1, which I live in.

It's possible to find it in the section "photography" in the new gallery called "CITIES". | Future Systems, Jan Kaplický / Enzo Ferrari museum, Modena, Italy 24.9. 2014


I'm pleased to announce that I have managed to penetrate into the photographic waters on 

pour féliciter 2014 26.12. 2013

enough reasons for 'high five'  also in 2014!





pour féliciter 2013 26.12. 2012


brave new year!


solo exhibitions „Fráneks' kicked up space“, Café GAVIOTA, Brno 28.11. 2012

solo exhibitions „Fráneks' kicked up space“, Café GAVIOTA, Moravian Library, Brno / till the end of January 2013

vernisage: 6 p.m., 6. 12. 2012

Foreword - architect Radek Suchánek

Klára Francová will play the piano


Café Gaviota - Moravian Library, Kounicova 65a, Brno

opening hours: monday - friday 8.30 a.m. - 10 p.m., saturday 9 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

PechaKucha Night Ústí nad Labem #3 / videoreport 30.10. 2012

My first experience with microphone, be tolerant, please. And sorry for presentation only in Czech.

PechaKucha Night Ústí nad Labem #3 4.10. 2012

I warmly invite you to visit PechaKucha Night #3 at Emil Filla Gallery in Ústí nad Labem.

solo exhibitions „Fráneks' kicked up space“, Othon Coubine Gallery, Boskovice 27.3. 2012

solo exhibitions „Fráneks' kicked up space“, Othon Coubine Gallery, Boskovice / 14. 4. - 6. 5. 2012

vernisage: 2 p.m., 14. 4. 2012

Foreword - architect Radek Suchánek

Klára Francová will play the piano


report from vernisage by Luboš Sušil

report /


pour féliciter 2012 5.1. 2012

Multifarious new year!


exhibition / Pomalý Bar, Brno 30.11. 2011

"UPSIDE YOUR HEAD" exhibition was moved from the foyer Reduta into the Slow Bar .